[TripleO] Horizon login failed with Something went wrong error in IPv6

Harald Jensas hjensas at redhat.com
Fri Jan 21 17:05:31 UTC 2022

On 1/21/22 10:34, Anirudh Gupta wrote:
> Hi Team,
> We are trying to deploy the Tripleo Train with IPv6.
> All the overcloud control plane networks - internal, management etc are 
> also on the IPv6 subnet.
> Upon successful completion of overcloud, when I am trying to open the 
> page, it does open.
> But when I enter the correct login credentials, it says something went 
> wrong.
> image.png
> Upon looking into error logs, I found
> 2022-01-21 12:33:34.825 324 WARNING keystone.server.flask.application 
> [req-0660e62c-dff7-4609-89fe-225e177a84f8 
> f908417368a24cc685818bb5fc54fe12 - - default -] *Authorization failed. 
> The request you have made requires authentication. from 
> fd00:fd00:fd00:2000::359: keystone.exception.Unauthorized: The request 
> you have made requires authentication.***
> *
> *
> where *fd00:fd00:fd00:2000::359 is my internal IP address which is 
> reachable.*
> Regards
> Anirudh Gupta

Can you share more details from the deployment?
Maby open a bug in Launcpad against TripleO and attach logs, templates 
used for deployment, and config files for Horizon?

Did you set the parameter MemcachedIPv6 to true in your environment files?

Does the CLI work?


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