[ops][nova][victoria] Power State = Suspended?

Christian Rohmann christian.rohmann at inovex.de
Thu Jan 20 13:06:25 UTC 2022

Hey there,

On 04/08/2021 19:37, Sean Mooney wrote:
>> I had something unusual happen this morning; one of my VMs was showing "Suspended" under the Power State in the Horizon dashboard.
>> I've never seen that.  What does it mean?
>> Any search that I do points me to a bunch of resources for Status Suspended.
> suspened is like hibernate in windows. in the libvirt driver we call libvirt managed_save api
> this pauses the guests,  snapshots the guest ram and saves it to disk then stops the instance.
> so this frees the guest ram on the host and save it to a file so that we can recreate the vm and resume it
> as if nothing happened.

Sorry to hijack such an old thread. Looking into these features, I was 
just wondering if it was possible to:

   1) Disable the support for pause / suspend altogether and not allow 
anyone to place instances in such states?

   2) Change the storage location of the saved guest RAM to a shared 
storage to allow the instance to be migrated while being 
suspended/paused. As far as I can see currently this data is saved on 
the host disk.



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