Problem with ressource provider

Tony Liu tonyliu0592 at
Tue Jan 18 22:17:46 UTC 2022

It would be easier to check resource provider by openstack cli, than looking
into db.

What's the name, short or FDQN, used by other compute nodes?
Restart nova-compute and look into log, see which name is used
to register resource provider.

From: Marc-Antoine Godde (Student at CentraleSupelec) <marc-antoine.godde at>
Sent: January 18, 2022 01:56 PM
To: openstack-discuss at
Subject: Problem with ressource provider


In our cluster, we have 4 computes running and we have an issue with the number 4.

We can't create VMs on it, we can't migrate VMs to or from that node. VMs are still perfectly working though. After a first diagnosis, it appears that there's a problem with the ressource provider.

Node is declared in the db with:
- name: os-compute-4, uuid: d12ea77b-d678-40ce-a813-d8094cabbbd8

Here are the ressource provider:

- name: os-compute-4, uuid: a9dc2a56-5b2d-49b1-ac47-6d996d2d029a

- name: os-compute-4.openstack.local, uuid: d12ea776-d678-40ce-a813-d8094cabbbd8

In our opinion, os-compute-4.openstack.local shouldn't be there at all. We want to destroy both of the ressource provider and recreate one.

I must also precise that os-compute-4 ressource provider has 0 allocation and os-compute-4.openstack.local only 3 (there’s at least 50 VMs running on it…). Moreover, for these 3 allocations, the server uuid doesn't correspond to any existing VMs. Overall, none of the VMs has a ressource allocation on os-compute-4.

We found the command nova-manage placement heal_allocations on the Internet but we can't find it in any container, maybe deprecated ? The cluster is running Ussuri installed with Openstack-ansible.

If you have any suggestion, any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

Marc-Antoine Godde

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