[all][infra][kayobe][kolla] ping not permitted on latest centos-8-stream images

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Jan 14 14:50:54 UTC 2022

On 2022-01-14 09:50:33 +0100 (+0100), Pierre Riteau wrote:
> There are multiple places within Kayobe and Kolla where we would need
> to set this sysctl to fix our CI, including backports to all supported
> branches. I was wondering if infra could instead customise their
> stream image or apply the sysctl in one of the common roles from
> zuul/zuul-jobs that are run at the beginning of each job? Many thanks.

How close are the CentOS Stream maintainers from uploading a
regression fix for the package? If it's going to be a while, then
the safest solution is probably to add a platform-specific DIB
element and rebuild our centos-8-stream images with that. Making
modifications to our "base" job (or any of the roles it uses) is far
more time consuming and likely to take a lot longer, because of the
precautions we take in order to avoid accidentally breaking every
job in the system (changes to the "base" job are not directly
Jeremy Stanley
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