[openstacksdk] EC2 Credentials Returns 403 when Signature v4 Used

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Jan 13 17:23:16 UTC 2022

On 2022-01-10 10:37:17 UTC, Tolga wrote:
> We are using ussuri on Ubuntu Focal. We experienced an issue with
> Ceph Rados Gateway.

Moderator's Note: I've approved this post out of the moderation
queue because someone on this mailing list might know the answers to
your questions, but please be aware that Ceph and RadosGW are not
part of OpenStack and are not the same thing as OpenStack's Swift
service. I've removed the [swift] tag from the subject line on my
reply accordingly.

You may find better answers by asking the Ceph community instead. I
see they have mailing list for users, which is probably an
appropriate place to start:

> We are generating EC2 credentials from CLI using "openstack
> ec2 credentials ..." so is there any option for Sigv4?

This particular question may be on topic here, as it pertains to the
OpenStack Client (maintained by the OpenStackSDK team), so I've
added a subject tag of [openstacksdk] in order to better bring it to
their attention.
Jeremy Stanley
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