Question about smartphone-based HPC system.

Sean Mooney smooney at
Wed Jan 12 18:37:27 UTC 2022

On Tue, 2022-01-11 at 10:43 +0900, Daehyun Lim wrote:
> Dear,
> My name is Ray from South Korea.
> My company and I are very interested in Smartphone-based High Performance
> Computing system. Currently, my company is looking for research about how
> to build operating system (we called it 'Middleware system) that connects
> between each smartphone and the central system.
> We will running AP farm (easy to understand, imagine factory gathering huge
> amounts of smartphones - attached picture) and a network mining system that
> allows connecting only smartphones.
> Our current one of the issues is that how to build middleware system -
> allocate jobs to each smartphones, validate etc. And I'm curious how much
> realistic Flops from smartphones.
> While I was researching related information in Google, I saw Opnestack
> website.
> I'm curious that is possible Openstack can be implemented in the smartphone
> based HPC system.
its rather unlikely.

while you amy be able to run some of the services in general a smarthfone will
not have the processing power, ram or disk spaces to make they usable for openstack
or workload runing on openstack.

you woudl likely be better off looking at

hpc is not a primary usecase of openstack.

managing infra that is used to build a hpc system is but openstack iteslef
doe not do hpc style job scheduling.

kubernetees might also be a better fit.

tehre are many oepsnsouce hpc cluster solution and google will help you find them
but with the limited processing power of even the most modern smart phone you woudl really
want a distibuted compute plathform like folding at home or boinc

that can take peicemeal jobs and distirbute them to the cluster for execution.

openstack is not such a plathform.

> As you know, more than 100 million of phones are abandoned and unused every
> year. Therefore, I think if we can use these smartphones in new computing
> power, it will be great business in terms of save the resouces, low
> electricity and recycle.
> If you provide some advice about smartphone-based HPC system, I will
> grateful to you.
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Ray.
> [image: Mining.jpg]
> [image: photo_2020-01-29_14-38-17.jpg]
> [image: photo_2019-10-08_14-30-11.jpg]

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