[kolla] Updating libvirt container images without VM downtime

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Sun Jan 9 19:38:34 UTC 2022

On Fri, 2022-01-07 at 16:22 -0500, J-P Methot wrote:
> This is interesting, because it's the exact opposite of what I'm seeing 
> in my test infrastructure.
> If I do sudo docker restart 5b737dc80fc5 (the libvirt container), I lose 
> ssh access, web console access and the dashboard's log window becomes 
> empty. When the libvirt container comes back up, if I go inside the 
> container and do virsh list, the return list is empty. As far as I can 
> tell, the VM is effectively shutdown. The openstack dashboard still 
> reports it as up, but any attempt at operations on the VM will force the 
> dashboard to update and show the VM as shut off.
> As far as I can tell, restarting the docker container for libvirt did 
> kill off my VM here. From what you tell me, this is not the expected 
> behaviour. So, I must ask, why is it acting differently in my environment?
it really should not.
the containe shoudl be runing with pid=host so that teh vm are parented to the host pid 1 not
the vm and it whould outlive the container
the other thing to be aware if os to be carful of the cgroup behavior as stoping the container
estrially if you are maging it with sytemd/podman if concifuged incorrectly can kill all procewss in the sam cgroup which
can result in the vms being killed.

the qemu process shoudl not be in the docker created cgroups.

libvirts behavior also changed dependin on if you have systemd-containerd and systemd-manchiend configured and enabled in the host
so you can see the vm showdown behviaor if you install systemd-contianerd on the host and restart the vms. this is because
libvirt changes form its legacy direct cgroup interface to use systemd to interact with cgroups. libvirt does not have a upgrade
mechanium to go form one to the other so since the exsiting vms are not regesited in systemd it shuts them down since it
thinks they should not be running.

> Additionally, someone else said that the VMs were running on the host 
> with the process /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm running the VM. On my compute 
> host, qemu-kvm is not present in /usr/libexec. I understand that this 
> could be due to an OS difference, but I thought it would be an important 
> information to add.
> This is kolla 12.0 on ubuntu 20.04.3 with the openstack wallaby 
> container installed.
> On 1/5/22 4:30 AM, Danny Webb wrote:
> > If working properly the restart of the libvirtd container is a 
> > non-impacting action for running VMs.  The only containers on the 
> > hypervisors that have an actual impact on the VMs in the standard 
> > setups are the restart of the ovs-vswitchd / ovn-controller / ovsdb 
> > containers which result in a small blip of the VM neworks that we've 
> > noticed.
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> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm looking for validation regarding the way Kolla and containers work
> > in regard to upgrading the libvirt containers. Essentially, when you
> > upgrade the libvirt container to a new container image, the container
> > needs to be restarted, thus creating downtime for the VMs. There is no
> > way to avoid this downtime, unless you migrate the VMs to another node
> > and then move them back once the container has restarted, right?
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