[glance] Does glance not support using local filesystem storage in a cluster

韩光宇 hanguangyu2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 09:51:10 UTC 2022


Sorry to bother.

I continued to think about it. If the the original purpose of "local
storage of glance" is just to make openstack
> easier to deploy, maybe for testing and getting
involved with openstack, but it's not really recommended for
production use.

I can accept this setting. I used to think of it as an equal way to
use shared storage.

Thank you.

韩光宇 <hanguangyu2 at gmail.com> 于2022年1月6日周四 10:33写道:
> Deal all,
> Sorry that maybe I ask a stupid question. But I'm really confused with
> it and didn't find discuss in glance
> document(https://docs.openstack.org/glance/latest/).
>  I have a OpenStack Victoria cluster with three all-in-one node in
> centos8. I implemented it with reference to
> https://docs.openstack.org/ha-guide/. So this cluster use Pacemaker,
> HAproxy and Galera. "To implement high availability, run an instance
> of the database on each controller node and use Galera Cluster to
> provide replication between them."
> I found that I will encounter an error If I configure Glance backend
> to use local storage driver to store image files on the local disk. If
> I upload a image, this image only will be storaged in one node. But
> the database only storage the file path of image such as
> "/v2/images/aa3cbee0-717f-4699-8cca-61243302d693/file", don't have the
> host information. The database data is same in three node.
> If I upload a image in node1, image only is storaged in node1. The
> database of three node stores the local filesystem path of image. And
> If The create Instance task is assigned to node2, It will find image
> in node2, but image can't be found in node2. So we get the "Image has
> no associated data" error.
> So I want to ask:
> 1. Wheter glance does not support using local filesystem storage in a cluster?
> 2. If 1 was right, why do we do this design instead of storing
> information about the host on which images is located, as nova does
> with instance.
> I would appreciate any kind of guidance or help.
> Thank you,
> Han Guangyu

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