[glance] Does glance not support using local filesystem storage in a cluster

韩光宇 hanguangyu2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 02:33:02 UTC 2022

Deal all,

Sorry that maybe I ask a stupid question. But I'm really confused with
it and didn't find discuss in glance

 I have a OpenStack Victoria cluster with three all-in-one node in
centos8. I implemented it with reference to
https://docs.openstack.org/ha-guide/. So this cluster use Pacemaker,
HAproxy and Galera. "To implement high availability, run an instance
of the database on each controller node and use Galera Cluster to
provide replication between them."

I found that I will encounter an error If I configure Glance backend
to use local storage driver to store image files on the local disk. If
I upload a image, this image only will be storaged in one node. But
the database only storage the file path of image such as
"/v2/images/aa3cbee0-717f-4699-8cca-61243302d693/file", don't have the
host information. The database data is same in three node.

If I upload a image in node1, image only is storaged in node1. The
database of three node stores the local filesystem path of image. And
If The create Instance task is assigned to node2, It will find image
in node2, but image can't be found in node2. So we get the "Image has
no associated data" error.

So I want to ask:
1. Wheter glance does not support using local filesystem storage in a cluster?
2. If 1 was right, why do we do this design instead of storing
information about the host on which images is located, as nova does
with instance.

I would appreciate any kind of guidance or help.

Thank you,
Han Guangyu

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