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Daniel Pawlik dpawlik at
Tue Feb 22 11:34:34 UTC 2022


tl;dr Besides sending CI logs, does someone use Logstash on Opendev to push
information to the new Elasticsearch (Opensearch) service?

Long version:

 I am currently looking into a new log workflow for OpenDev's OpenSearch
that is using the logscraper tool [1], as an improvement over the current
workflow [2].
I spotted a few bottlenecks that are complicating pushing logs to the new
Elasticsearch service.
The most important bottlenecks are:

   - - gearman worker - this service needs at least 10 instances to keep up
   with the current influx of build logs.
   -                                As a reminder, this service consumes
   information prepared by gearman client, downloads the logs, adds
   information and

   -                                pushes data to the logstash service,
   - - logstash service - this service is "freezing" from time to time and
   it requires many resources such as CPU and RAM.

   -                                As a reminder, the service receives
   data and by using grok filter [3] prepares information that later will be
   -                                to Elasticsearch.


The new workflow would eliminate these bottlenecks by pushing data directly
into Elasticsearch.
This would therefore drop the following services:
    - gearman client
    - gearman worker
    - logstash service

Before proceeding further, we need to know if these services, especially
logstash, are (apart from sending logs from CI) not used anywhere,
so that we don't accidentally pull the plug on any other workflows. If you
are aware of these, please let me know.


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