Create Image in queue State in XENA Version

Bernd Bausch berndbausch at
Wed Feb 16 00:53:48 UTC 2022

Your question does not provide any details about the context. How was 
your cloud set up, what Glance store(s) are configured, how are images 
uploaded etc. I suppose it is possible to download images, correct?

You need to check the Glance API log, in particular for warning and 
error messages. My first idea would be to confirm whether the Glance 
store is accessible for writing.

Also use the command line for adding an image and set the debug option: 
openstack --debug image create ... This may give you information about 
an upload failure. At a minimum, it will tell you the request ID of the 
failing API request, which you can use for more effective log analysis.

You say that nothing is wrong in the Glance configuration files. Are you 
certain that your settings are still correct at Xena? Use the Xena 
release notes to confirm, but also earlier release notes that might 
announce deprecation of some settings/features. Glance may issue useful 
log messages about configuration issues when starting up.

Bernd Bausch

On 2022/02/16 12:26 AM, Adivya Singh wrote:
> Hi Team,
> We have lately upgraded to Xena , but when users trying to upload any 
> image, it is always in queue state, i did not see any error regarding 
> any issue with glance configuration file.
> Any thoughts on this
> Regards
> Adivya Singh

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