[manila][election][ptl] PTL Candidacy for Z

Tom Barron tpb at dyncloud.net
Tue Feb 15 03:57:02 UTC 2022

On 14/02/22 20:24 -0300, Carlos Silva wrote:
>Hello, Zorillas and dear stackers,
>I would like to submit my candidacy to be the PTL of Manila for the Z cycle.
>I have been a contributor to OpenStack since the Stein release. It has been
>awesome experience. During these years, I had the opportunity to contribute
>with new features, fixes, reviews and other exciting enhancements for
>I can tell you that I've faced thrilling challenges, and I learned a lot
>the community that made this journey enjoyable day after day. I'm
>happy to see the state Manila is at. I'd like to keep the momentum for the
>project by continuing to focus in some areas we have been focusing, but also
>start tackling other issues:
>- Continue increasing the number of contributors and active reviewers
>  mentoring and engaging them in the community, teaching the OpenStack way
>  making it collaboratively as we did in the past cycles, promoting
>  bug squashes and collaborative review sessions.
>- Encouraging the involvement of Manila contributors in important
>  programs/events such as GHC, Outreachy and the other opportunities we've
>  able to contribute in the past.
>- Pursue the completion of the Manila implementation on the
>  openstackclient/openstacksdk;
>- Continue pushing Manila to cover the tech debt areas we identified over
>  past cycles;
>- Enforcing maintainers to collaboratively cover the lack of documentation
>  have on third party CI setups for Manila, helping potential new vendors to
>  quickly setup up their CI systems;
>- Continue discussing with community and making the necessary enhancements
>  HA and Edge;
>Thank you for your consideration!
>Carlos da Silva
>IRC: carloss


I doubt you can see me right now, but I have a very big smile on my 

I remember you first from gerrit - high quality submissions and 
reviews.  Then there was the Shanghai PTG, where I saw you help make 
everyone welcome, help ensure that everyone got heard, and fill in 
with tasks to help out with the group when there were gaps.  That's 
when I knew you'd be a great leader.

Thanks for "stepping up."

-- Tom Barron

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