Outreachy OpenStack Coordinator change

Mahati Chamarthy mahati.chamarthy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 16:03:55 UTC 2022

Hello all,

There has been a change in coordination responsibilities for Outreachy
OpenStack <https://www.outreachy.org>.

Samuel has decided to step down as a coordinator. I'd like to thank Samuel
for his time and efforts to Outreachy. He has helped onboard many new
contributors onto the Outreachy Openstack internship program. Thank you
Samuel and hope our paths cross again! Good luck.

I'd also like to welcome Dmitry Tantsur who kindly offered to coordinate
along with me for Outreachy Openstack. Dmitry has been a long time
OpenStack contributor and a core committer for the Ironic project. He has
already been an Outreachy mentor for multiple rounds. For any queries
regarding Outreachy, he can be reached at divius.inside at gmail.com (or) on
IRC: dtantsur

Welcome aboard Dmitry, thank you for stepping up!

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