[kolla] [horizon] Custom logos (WAS: [Openstack-operators] Horizon Custom Logos (Queens, 13.0.1))

Pierre Riteau pierre at stackhpc.com
Wed Feb 9 15:48:25 UTC 2022

On Mon, 17 Jan 2022 at 02:19, Gregory Orange <gregory.orange at pawsey.org.au>

> On 13/1/22 5:06 pm, Mark Goddard wrote:
> > On Thu, 13 Jan 2022 at 05:19, Gregory Orange
> > <gregory.orange at pawsey.org.au>  wrote:
> >> We have been using Ubuntu VMs for the control plane until now, so it was
> >> a simple matter of inserting our logo-splash.svg and logo.svg into
> >> /var/lib/openstack-dashboard/static/dashboard/img/  and then restarting
> >> services.
> >>
> >> Now we're switching to Kolla, and the relevant path isn't mounted as is
> >> the case with the likes of /etc/kolla/horizon and /var/log/kolla. We
> >> don't (yet?) build our own container images, so I'm wondering what next.
> >>
> > Typically what we do is create a theme repository, e.g.
> > https://github.com/stackhpc/horizon-theme. This is then built into the
> > image in/etc/openstack-dashboard/themes/<theme>.
> >
> > There is another approach proposed which does not involve rebuilding
> > the image, but it is still WIP:
> > https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/761364
> Good to know, thank you. For now I have figured out that 'docker cp'ing
> the files into place works, although of course that doesn't persist
> across things like reconfigure runs. Curiously though it does persist
> with a container restart, even though I didn't `commit` the change to
> the container image.
> Cheers,
> Greg.

Hello Greg,

When you restart the Horizon container, it keeps running from the existing,
modified container image. The container image is only recreated from the
pulled image by deploy or reconfigure actions in Kolla. So, if you don't
want to use Kolla to build a new image (which I would recommend as you can
keep your modifications in version control!), you can `docker commit` your
changes into a new image, which you could push to your local registry for
redeploying later.

Best wishes,
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