[election][ptl][cinder] PTL non-candidacy

Jay Bryant jungleboyj at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 13:50:21 UTC 2022


Thank you for being PTL for the last 5 cycles!  Where has the time gone?

You have been a fantastic leader and the project is better for it!


On 2/7/2022 6:02 PM, Brian Rosmaita wrote:
> Hello Argonauts,
> With the election season rapidly approaching [0], I want to 
> communicate my intentions to the team, to wit, I will not be standing 
> for PTL for the Z cycle.
> I've served as PTL for five cycles, which conflicts with my belief 
> that it's good for open source projects to rotate leadership.  I think 
> the Cinder project is fairly healthy, but it will be good to have 
> someone take the Cinder helm who has a fresh perspective and who will 
> be as excited to be PTL as I was way back in Ussuri.
> We have an excellent project team, and I have no doubt that whoever 
> steps up will have plenty of support from the Cinder community 
> (including me, I don't have any intention of going anywhere in the 
> near term).
> cheers,
> brian
> [0] 
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2022-February/027070.html

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