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On wtorek, 1 lutego 2022 15:49:02 CET Felipe Mogollon wrote:
> I have deployed an OpenStack Victoria using packstack in a Centos 8 Stream
> machine.
> I have 3 NIC interfaces that are configured in the following way
> eno1 -> VLAN 684
> eno2 -> local network
> eno3 -> local network
> VLAN and local networks are working fine outside Openstack.
> I have deployed Openstack using packstack and local networks work fine and
> I can deploy instances inside openstack that get floating ips from those
> ranges without problem and I can ping to them.
> The problem is with VLAN network, I can deploy instances and I get floating
> ips from VLAN network range but I can't ping them.
> My packstack answer file is
> I have created VLAN network using following commands:
> neutron net-create vlan_network --provider:network_type vlan
> --provider:physical_network vlan  --router:external=True --shared
> --provider:segmentation_id=684
> neutron subnet-create --name vlan_subnet --enable_dhcp=False
> --allocation-pool=start=,end=
> --gateway= vlan_network
> Any ideas?

It's very long time since I was using packstack and I don't remember it at all 
but first thing I would check here is if eno1 NIC is actually in the physical 
bridge mapped to the "vlan" physical_network (typically it's br-ex but maybe 
You named it differently).

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