[nova][tempest] nova-next gate blocker

Lajos Katona katonalala at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 16:38:28 UTC 2022

Thanks for bringing this up, just for reference the current fix for this
issue is here:

To make things harder we have to wait the solution for pip vs py36 issue:
For this bug the solution/workaround is this patch:

Perhaps there are other things, sorry for missing them :-)
Lajos Katona (lajoskatona)

Artom Lifshitz <alifshit at redhat.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. febr. 1., K,

> nova-next (and possibly others) is broken because of
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/tempest/+bug/1959682
> The fix is at https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/tempest/+/827305,
> with a Nova DNM patch to exercise it at
> https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/nova/+/827306
> Please hold your rechecks until this is resolved.
> Cheers!
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