[kolla][neutron][victoria] metering agent on compute nodes

Tomasz Rutkowski tomasz.rutkowski at netart.pl
Wed Sep 29 08:04:38 UTC 2021

W dniu śro, 29.09.2021 o godzinie 09∶40 +0200, użytkownik Lajos Katona
> Hi,
> By documentation (see [1]) and quick code check for me it looks like
> metering agent resides l3-agent.
> Do You need metrics from DVR?

yes, I'm trying to fetch metrics from dvr :)

l3-agents seems ok, the routers and fips works fine all around network
and compute nodes

metering agent with some minor tweaks (include snat_iptables_manager in
creating chains and fetching metrics) works good on network node,
however on compute nodes the router list that metering agent should
work on is empty

DEBUG neutron.services.metering.agents.metering_agent [-] Traffic
counters [{}] retrieved for routers [{}]. _add_metering_infos

and I can't find the reason...

with best regards
Tomasz Rutkowski
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