All Devstack Based Jobs Failing to Create Swap on master

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Fri Sep 24 17:05:17 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

At approximately 12:53 UTC September 24 (today) [0] Devstack's Xena branch was created. Due to an unexpected side effect in Devstack's Zuul configs this has caused all Devstack based jobs against master and possible stable/xena to RETRY_LIMIT and fail.

The underlying issue you'll see in the jobs is that mkswap cannot create swap because it already exists [1]. This happens because Devstack's pre-run playbook is running twice [2] and the configure-swap role is not idempotent. The role is running twice because the Devstack base job is loading master and stable/xena's configs and composing them together which results in two pre-run playbooks being selected one for each branch. This happens because Devstack's stable/xena branch explicitly states that its configs apply to master and feature/r1 branches [3].

I've pushed up a change [4] to remove this Zuul configuration from the Xena branch which I expect will fix things for us.


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