[stable][requirements][zuul] unpinned setuptools dependency on stable

Balazs Gibizer balazs.gibizer at est.tech
Wed Sep 22 16:02:40 UTC 2021

On Wed, Sep 22 2021 at 01:15:13 PM +0000, Jeremy Stanley 
<fungi at yuggoth.org> wrote:
> On 2021-09-22 14:56:43 +0200 (+0200), Előd Illés wrote:
> [...]
>>  Option 3: it is really just a temporary solution (maybe worse than
>>  Option 1), though it is probably acceptable to unblock gate on
>>  stable branches until the appropriate solution will be chosen.
>>  Also worth to emphasize that this problem doesn't only affect
>>  lower-constraints tests, but also could affect branches where we
>>  have old packages (versions) in upper-constraints.txt!
> [...]
> Do also note that all solutions in this space are effectively
> temporary. When we drafted the stable branch and extended
> maintenance policies, we accepted that there comes a time for any
> job where circumstances may prevent us from being able to
> effectively continue running it. If the complexity of the solution
> outweighs the *temporary* benefits of being able to run the job for
> longer, it may not be worth the effort.

As the issue affects even the recent stable branches this would 
effectively mean we lose all the lower-constraints testing. And if 
later the same thing happen with one of our upper requirements then we 
will to lose all the testing. I think we cannot simply say that we 
ignore the problem by turning off the job.

> While we almost certainly could come up with a non-default
> replacement for Zuul's standard tox job which allows us to use
> specific versions of tox, virtualenv, pip, setuptools, et cetera,
> that added complexity does not come for free. It has a maintenance
> cost which extends far into the future. Also think back on the times
> when we've reached for the "easy" solution of pinning such tools in
> other frameworks like DevStack: everyone's in a rush to stop the
> bleeding and get back to testing, but nobody cares about fixing the
> underlying issue and so such things end up pinned for years until
> that pinning breaks something else because we're blind to all the
> bitrot around us.
> And then there's the fact that while we can "fix" things this way in
> CI jobs, these are ultimately tools for our developers which we just
> happen to also be able to run in the CI system, not the other way
> around. Pinning setuptools in the tox jobs does not solve this for
> developers running tox locally on their own systems. Are we going to
> start providing them with a list of specific versions of these tools
> which we're only able to test with, substantially increasing the
> complexity of setting up local dev environments and making it even
> harder for newcomers to contribute to the project?
> The stable branch policy is a set of guidelines and suggestions, not
> an unbreakable covenant. It's there to help us make sound choices
> under normal circumstances, but we should not be afraid to come to a
> collective decision about making policy exceptions in unusual
> situations such as this one.

Does it mean you suggest bumping the decorator dependency to 4.0.0?

> --
> Jeremy Stanley

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