[cinder] festival of XS reviews 17 September 2021

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 13:20:30 UTC 2021

Hello Cinder community members,

This is a reminder that the most recent edition of the Cinder Festival 
of XS Reviews will be held at the end of this week (tomorrow!) on Friday 
17 September.

Since we'd like to keep the master branch clean in case any 
release-critical bugs are discovered that will need to be backported to 
stable/xena, I propose that we focus on drivers reviews tomorrow, which 
will not impact the main cinder code.

who: Everyone!
what: The Cinder Festival of XS Reviews
when: Friday 17 September 2021 from 1400-1600 UTC
where: https://meetpad.opendev.org/cinder-festival-of-reviews

This recurring meeting can be placed on your calendar by using this 
handy ICS file:

See you there!

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