[TripleO][RDO] Plan for TripleO packages in RDO Xena release

Alfredo Moralejo Alonso amoralej at redhat.com
Wed Sep 15 15:11:15 UTC 2021


With OpenStack Xena GA approaching and TripleO as an independent project,
we need to clarify how we will handle it in RDO Xena Release. According to
the spec [1]:

"TripleO would no longer be able to deploy all versions of OpenStack. One
idea that was brough forth in the discussions around this topic thus far,
is that we can attempt to address this by designating a range of git tags
as compatible with a particular OpenStack stable branch."
In practical terms:

- When will this list be provided? Can I assume shortly after Xena release
(around mid october)?
- How will this "list of tags compatible with Xena" be provided by the
TripleO project?
- How may we describe the maintenance status of TripleO in RDO Xena
release? We'd like to include a statement in the release notes.

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