Need some clarification about tenant network in TripleO

wodel youchi wodel.youchi at
Wed Sep 15 10:06:02 UTC 2021


It is a newbie question, but I didn't find a real answer, and I have
trouble with my deployment, so some help will be appreciated.

In the deployment of TripleO in network isolation, a Tenant network is
created, that network (in the examples I have seen) have a VLAN-ID and a
I did the same in my deployment, I created that network.

My questions :
- Is the Tenant network, mentioned in the deployment process, is it the
first tenant network created for the admin tenant? and for new tenant I
have to create a new network tenant, despite I am not seeing how I would do
- Or is it a pipe (a conduit) used to pass the traffic of all the tenants
that will be created after?

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