Openstack nova live migration pain

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Fri Sep 10 20:29:13 UTC 2021

On 2021-09-10 15:16:46 -0500 (-0500), hai wu wrote:
> Here is what we use for python3-nova:
> $ dpkg -l python3-nova
> ii  python3-nova   2:18.1.0-6   all          OpenStack Compute - libraries

In your first message you stated "this is Openstack train release,"
but that's a version of Nova from Rocky (originally released a year
before Train). It looks like you're using packages which come as
part of normal Debian 10 (buster), rather than using something like
buster-train-backports from

What made you think it was OpenStack Train, and could this be part
of the problem? Do you maybe have a mixed deployment with some
components from Train and some from Rocky?
Jeremy Stanley
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