[kolla][operators] Kolla Ansible will switch to use Quay.io by default (instead of Docker Hub)

Radosław Piliszek radoslaw.piliszek at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 18:49:46 UTC 2021

Dear Kolla Operators,

This is a heads-up message that Kolla Ansible will switch to using
Quay.io instead of Docker Hub by default. [1]
This was agreed at the last meeting unless we find obstacles not to do it.
But it seems it's even a better option for our users from China. [2]
Therefore the patch [1] has been proposed and will likely be merged
and probably backported to stable branches too.

The main reasoning behind this change is that users suffer from Docker
Hub's limits. [3]
You may have noticed we started (a long time ago) publishing weekly,
instead of daily, to Docker Hub to mitigate the issue to some extent.
However, we had to switch our CI to Quay.io anyway to really be able
to work on the project rather than pray for luck with Docker Hub.
Quay.io has been great for us in general so we decided to make the
same switch for users.
Oh, and, by the way, we publish to Quay.io daily. ;-)

If you use your own, local registry, then you are most likely
unaffected but make sure you set both `kolla_registry` AND
`kolla_namespace` as we have to override both.

Finally, kind reminder that operators of multinode and production
clusters are strongly advised to set up their own, local registries.
The docs show a simple minimal example of that. [4] (use option 1 from
the current page as possibility of option 2 will be gone with the
switch to quay.io).

Thank you for reading up to this point!

[1] https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/kolla-ansible/+/808486
[2] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2021-September/024811.html
[3] https://bugs.launchpad.net/kolla-ansible/+bug/1942134
[4] https://docs.openstack.org/kolla-ansible/wallaby/user/multinode.html#deploy-a-registry


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