Openstack nova live migration pain

hai wu at
Fri Sep 10 15:53:45 UTC 2021

This is Openstack train release. Nova live migration is extremely
painful to deal with. Everytime we complete a live migration,
nova-compute service on the source host would still be up and
runnning, but it would always fail to further increment the
report_count database field in nova database, host heartbeat purpose,
thus controller would think the hypervisor host failed via its is_up()
function checking on report_count and updated_at fields iirc. So we
end up having to manually migrate one vm at a time, then restart
service, then manually migrate the next vm ..

Any ideas? I already tried setting debug=True for nova.conf even for
database tracing, but thus far I could not find any obvious error
message. Each time the live migration (no shared storage) would
succeed, but each time we will have to restart nova-compute service.
This is so bad ..

Any suggestions on this would be highly appreciated.


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