[release] Release countdown for week R-3, Sep 13 - Sep 17

Herve Beraud hberaud at redhat.com
Fri Sep 10 14:31:44 UTC 2021

Development Focus

The Release Candidate (RC) deadline is next Thursday, September 16. Work
should be focused on fixing any release-critical bugs.

General Information

All deliverables released under a cycle-with-rc model should have a first
release candidate by the end of the week, from which a stable/xena
branch will be cut. This branch will track the Xena release.

Once stable/xena has been created, the master branch will be ready to
switch to Yoga development. While the master branch will no longer
be feature-frozen, please prioritize any work necessary for completing
Xena plans.  Release-critical bugfixes will need to be merged in the
master branch first, then backported to the stable/xena branch before
a new release candidate can be proposed.


Early in the week, the release team will be proposing RC1 patches for all
cycle-with-rc projects, using the latest commit from the master branch.
If your team is ready to go for cutting RC1, please let us know by
leaving a +1 on these patches.

If there are still a few more patches needed before RC1, you can -1 the
patch and update it later in the week with the new commit hash you would
like to use. Remember, stable/xena branches will be created with this,
so you will want to make sure you have what you need included to avoid
needing to backport changes from the master branch (which will
technically then be Yoga) to this stable branch for any
additional RCs before the final release.

The release team will also be proposing releases for any deliverable
following a cycle-with-intermediary model that has not produced any Xena
release so far.

Finally, now is a good time to finalize release highlights. Release
highlights help shape the messaging around the release and make sure that
your work is properly represented.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

RC1 deadline: September 16 (R-3 week)
Final RC deadline: September 30 (R-1 week)
Final Xena release: October 6

Hervé Beraud
Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat
irc: hberaud
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