Instances cannot ping each other and cannot ping virtual-router

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I deployed OpenStack Train using TripleO using this tutorial : and the
documentation of TripleO.
I deployed it with DVR.

In my deployment I am using virtual machines with nested-kvm.

The deployment went well, I am using network isolation like this :
- nic1 : provisioning
- nic2 and nic3 (bond0) storage and storage mgmt networks, each one in it's
- nic3 and nic5 (bond1) tenant, api and *external* ( VLAN2100)
networks, each one in it's VLAN

In my physical host (the bare metal KVM) I created a bridge which handles
the provisioning, tenant, api and external networks.

I created a private tenant network (

openstack network create private
neutron subnet-create private --name private-sub

I created a public network and I attached it to the external network using
the same VLAN tag ( VLAN 2100, pool: :

*openstack network create --provider-network-type vlan
--provider-physical-network datacentre --provider-segment 2100
--external public*
neutron subnet-create public --name public-sub
--disable-dhcp --allocation-pool=start=,end=
--gateway= --dns-nameserver

I created a vrouter, one port in the public network and the other in the
private network.
I created two cirrus instances, each one got it's ip address from the
private network.

I found :
cirrus-1 :
cirrus-2 :
vrouter : private
            :  external
neutron:dhcp :

The problems :
- The instances cannot ping each other.
- The instances cannot ping the vrouter.
- I cannot ping the public vrouter interface.

But both instances can ping neutron:dhcp

Could someone help me dig into this.

Thanks in advance, Regards.
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