Edge sessions at the upcoming PTG

Ildiko Vancsa ildiko.vancsa at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 23:22:42 UTC 2021


I’m reaching out to you to share the agenda of the OpenInfra Edge Computing Group that we put together for the upcoming PTG. I would like to invite everyone who is interested in discussing edge challenges and finding solutions!

We summarized our plans for the event in a short blog post to give some context to each of the topic that we picked to discuss in details. We picked key areas like security, networking, automation and tools, containers and more: https://superuser.openstack.org/articles/the-project-teams-gathering-is-coming-lets-talk-edge/

Our etherpad for the sessions: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/ecg-ptg-october-2021

Please let me know if you have any questions about the agenda or topics.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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