Adding another cell(v2)

Dan Smith dms at
Tue Sep 7 14:07:14 UTC 2021

> Could someone point me to the documentation on how to add a new cell to cellsv2? I have found various documentation that says
> to follow the procedure for Cells V1 but I cant find documentation for that. Below is the link to the doc I have found

Yeah, this bullet in the doc you provided is what we have:

It directs you to a different part of the page to run a single step of
the v1 upgrade procedure. We obviously need to remove the v1 stuff and
make the "add a new cell" thing stand on its own. There's a note in the
latest version about that.

But for the moment, you just need to create a new cell record with
nova-manage (as described in that doc), pointing at the DB and MQ for
the new cell. Then 'db sync' should hit that cell and blow in the schema
just like it does for your main cell. Once that is done, start up
conductors and computes pointing at the new cell MQ and DB and run the
host discovery and make sure it finds the services registered in the new


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