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Wed Sep 1 15:39:40 UTC 2021

Dear Ke,

Thanks for your contributions in cyborg ever since 2018, it’s been more than five release cycles past.  

By reviewing the patches you’ve committed and suggestions you’ve given to the team, it’s obvious you know cyborg very well, from the bottom to up level including GPU,FPGA,SmartNIC drivers to api, as well as interactions with nova and placement. 

Although I’m not contributing in cyborg anymore due to my job change, I do agree the five things you listed are important for cyborg, and I would like to see them done in the future.  So it would be a big vote +1 from my side. 

Good luck.


> On Sep 1, 2021, at 8:29 PM, 陈克 <joykechen at 163.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to announce my candidacy for Cyborg PTL for the Yoga cycle, And hope to get your support.
> As an openstack enthusiast, I have been engaged in openstack for 4 years. 
> I was lucky to make friends with openstack projects such as Cyborg and Watcher in 2018.
> I met many interesting partners, such as Matt Riedemann, Sundar Nadathur,
> Huangzhipeng, Liuli, Baoyumeng, Zhurong, Licanwei, Fengshaohe, Wangxinran,
> Shogo, Zhangbailin, Songwenping and others.
> You let me see the charm of the community and rigorous working attitude, thanks.
> In the past two years, except for the watcher project, I spent most of my
> time dealing with Cyborg. To be honest, I know cyborg very well.
> At present, Cyborg can manage FPGA, GPU, smartnic and other acceleration
> devices. Users can create virtual machines with acceleration resources as
> needed, which is a very cool thing.
> However, our Cyborg project still has many things to do.
> In the next y version, I think there are mainly the following
> five things to do:
> 1. Optimize the interaction between Nova and cyborg.
> The existing interface is synchronous call. On cyborg side, we can change
> synchronization to asynchronous to save the landing time of concurrent
> virtual machines.
> 2. Support for more drivers and more universal drivers.
> At present, vgpu driver is not supported in cyborg. I hope to implement
> it in the Yoga cycle.
> 3. Implementation of disable and enable acceleration devices.
> 4. More bugfix and documentation enhancements.
> 5. More virtual machine operation support, such as cold migration.
> I hope we can bring users a more exciting experience in the next Yoga version.
> Thanks,
> Ke Chen(chenke)
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