[sahara][ptg] Yoga PTG Summary

Juntingqiu Qiujunting (邱军婷) qiujunting at inspur.com
Fri Oct 29 06:07:42 UTC 2021

Hi all:

Thank everyone for taking time and attending session. The discussion content of the PTG meeting is as follows:


    1、Sahara has supported boot  virtual machine from volume.


    2、Sahara deploys a dedicated clusters need the network to be a flat one for instances.

        Could set up a "jumphost" which can be reached by the controllers, and that can reach the instances, need not the network to be a flat one for instance.


    3、Discuss about which Plugins should be kept and updated and which ones should be dropped?

       The conclusion is that  such as HDP、CDH、MapR  Storm and Spark can be deleted in Yoga.

   4、Improve the unit testing and documentation of Sahara project.

Currently, the activity of the Sahara project is relatively low. We can discover its potential and expand its usage scenarios.

Thank you Fossen


Fossen Qiu  |  邱军婷

CBRD  |  云计算与大数据研发部

T: 18249256272

E: qiujunting at inspur.com<mailto:qiujunting at inspur.com>


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