[glance][nova][cinder] Openstack Glance image signature and validation for upload and boot controls?

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 23:48:48 UTC 2021

On 10/20/21 8:24 AM, S Andronic wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question in regards to Openstack Glance and if I got it right
> this can be a place to ask, if I am wrong please kindly point me in the
>   right direction.
>   When you enable Image Signing and Certificate Validation in nova.conf:
>   [glance]
>   verify_glance_signatures = True
>   enable_certificate_validation = True

Note: Since Rocky, if you have enable_certificate_validation = True but 
have default_trusted_certificate_ids at its default value of empty list, 
then a user must supply a list of trusted_image_certificates in the 
create-server request, or the request will fail.
>   Will this stop users from uploading unsigned images

No, glance doesn't have a setting that requires uploaded images to be 
signed.  However:
- If the image record contains *all* the appropriate image signature 
properties, the PUT /v2/images/{image_id}/file call will fail if the 
data can't be validated.
- You could write an image import plugin that would disallow import of 
image data for which the image record doesn't have the image signature 
properties set.

> or using unsigned
>    images to spin up instances?

Yes, if verify_glance_signatures is True, nova won't boot unsigned images:

>   Intuitively I feel that it will enforce checks only if the signature
>   property exists, but what if it doesn't?

See above.

>   Does it control in any way unsigned images?

Yes, if verify_glance_signatures is True, unsigned images can't be used 
to boot an instance.

>   Does it stop users from uploading or using anything unsigned?

No, glance doesn't require it.

>   Would an image without the signing properties just be rejected?

It depends on what service you are talking about:

Glance: no, glance won't reject an unsigned image.

Nova: yes, if verify_glance_signatures is set.

Cinder: it depends ... if verify_glance_signatures is enabled:
- if you create a volume from an image AND the image has *any* of the 
image signature properties set, cinder will try to validate the image 
data and the volume will go to error if validation fails.  If the 
validation succeeds, you get signature_verified: true in the 
- if you create a volume from an image AND the image has NONE of the 
image signature properties, the volume creation will succeed (assuming 
nothing else goes wrong) and you get signature_verified: false in the 

But ... Nova won't do certificate validation for a boot-from-volume 
request (as described in [0]).  But I'm not clear on what happens if 
verify_glance_signatures is true and enable_certificate_validation is 
false.  I believe that nova will boot the volume on the theory that 
cinder has already handled the signature validation part (which it has, 
if the option is enabled and at least one image signature property is 
set on the image), and it's the certificate validation part that isn't 
being handled?  Hopefully someone else will explain this.


>   If this feature doesn't stop the use of unsigned images as a security
>   control what is the logic behind it then?

I guess you can look at the spec to see what threat models the feature 
was proposed to address:

>   Is this meant not to stop users from using unsigned images but such
>   that people who do use signed images have verification for their code?

This is a good question, and the asymmetry between how nova and cinder 
treat requests to create a resource from an unsigned image when 
verify_glance_images is enabled makes this difficult to answer (at least 
for me).

>   So if the goal is to stop people from using random images and image
>   signing and validation is not the answer what would be?

It really depends on what your cloud users want/need, and what you mean 
by a "random image".  For example, you could only allow public images 
provided by you the operator to be used to boot servers by blocking 
image uploads and server snapshots, or allowing snapshots but not 
allowing image sharing (which could get you "random" images, but they'd 
be restricted to a single project, which would probably be OK).  Like I 
said, it depends on your goals and what your users will put up with (I 
think users would absolutely hate not being able to create server 
snapshots, but there are probably some users for whom that wouldn't be a 

While we're talking about server snapshots, however, note that with 
verify_glance_images enabled in nova, you can boot a server from a 
signed image and then use the server createImage action to create an 
image in Glance.  This image won't have the image signature properties 
on it, however, and hence won't be bootable.  Your users will have to 
download the image so they can generate a signature for it and then set 
all the image signature metadata on the image before it nova will boot 
it.  (I'm pretty sure this is true.)

You may want to send another email with '[ops]' in the subject line to 
ask other operators who use this feature what their configuration and 
experiences are like.

>   Kind Regards,
>   S. Andronic

Good luck!

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