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Arnaud arnaud.morin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 05:34:43 UTC 2021

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Le 20 octobre 2021 17:28:39 GMT+02:00, Arnaud Morin <arnaud.morin at gmail.com> a écrit :
>Hey team,
>When using DVR + HA, we endup with all routers beeing deployed on the
>computes (the DVR part) and 3 routers on dvr_snat nodes (for HA).
>The question is why 3 for snats?
>I know that this is the max_l3_agents_per_router config parameter, but
>2 seems enough?
>On the other side, DHCP agent default (dhcp_agents_per_network) is 1,
>while this is also a precious service provided in the tenant network.
>So, is there any downside on having only 2 agents for routers?
>Thanks in advance,
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