[openstack][manila] queens netapp share migration

Ignazio Cassano ignaziocassano at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 16:54:22 UTC 2021

Hello all,
I have an installation of openstack queens and manila is using netapp
fas8040 storage with driver manila.share.drivers.netapp.common.NetAppDriver.
When I try share migration it fails.

manila migration-start  --preserve-metadata False --preserve-snapshots
False --writable True --nondisruptive True --new_share_type svmp2-nfs-1140
c765143e-d308-4e9d-8a3f-5cb4692be70b at svmp2-nfs-1140

In the share log file I read:
2021-10-18 18:35:01.211 80999 ERROR manila.share.manager NetAppException:
Volume share_be9b819d_feab_431b_9ade_b257cc08c9f6 in Vserver svmp2-nfs-1138
is not part of any data motion operations.

The svmp2-nfs-1138 is the share type  where migration start from.
Both source and destination are on netapp.
Any help, please?
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