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On czwartek, 14 października 2021 05:01:54 CEST Midhunlal Nb wrote:
> Hi Team,
>  I have some doubt in different network types
> Vlan,Vxlan and flat networks.
> How these networks helps in openstack.What is the use of each network?
> Could you Please provide me a detailed answer or suggest me any document
> regarding this networks.
> Show quoted text

Generally vlan and flat networks are "provider" network types while vxlan is 
tunnel network and don't require any configuration from Your provider/DC.
Provider networks can be also "external" networks so can provide access to the 
"internet" for Your cloud. Tunnel networks are isolated and can't have direct 
access to the external world.

See where Assaf explained different types of networks pretty well.

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