[wallaby][neutron] Distributed floating IP

Ammad Syed syedammad83 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 08:27:56 UTC 2021


I am using openstack wallaby. I have seen an issue not sure if its a bug or
configuration related issue. I am using ml2/ovn backend with distributed
floating IP enabled. I have made my compute node 1 as a gateway chassis
where the routers are scheduled.

I have then created an instance and NATed a public IP. The instance
deployed on compute 2. When I see the IP address via curl ipinfo.io it
shows the floating IP that I have NATed.

Then I migrated the instance to compute node 1. I had many ping drops for a
couple of seconds then its back to normal. I have then seen the IP address
via curl ipinfo.io. It showed me the SNAT IP address of router.

Then I migrated the instance back to compute node 2, I had ping drops for
20 seconds and then the instance came back. I have seen the IP via curl, it
showed the floating IP that I have nated with instance.

Is it the expected behavior ?

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