OpenInfra Live - October 14, 2021 at 9am CT

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Mon Oct 11 17:02:04 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

This week’s OpenInfra Live episode is brought to you by the OpenStack community. 

Networking is complex, and Neutron is one of the most difficult parts of OpenStack to scale. In this episode of the Large Scale OpenStack show, we will explore early architectural choices you can make, recommended drivers, features to avoid if your ultimate goal is to scale to a very large deployment. Join OpenStack developers and operators as they share their Neutron scaling best practices. 

Episode: Large Scale OpenStack: Neutron scaling best practices

Date and time: October 14, 2021 at 9am CT (1400 UTC)

You can watch us live on:
YouTube: <> 
LinkedIn: <> 
Facebook: <> 
WeChat: recording will be posted on OpenStack WeChat after the live stream

Thierry Carrez (OpenInfra Foundation)
David Comay (Bloomberg)
Ibrahim Derraz (Exaion)
Slawek Kaplonski (Red Hat)
Lajos Katona (Ericsson)
Mohammed Naser (VEXXHOST)
Michal Nasiadka (StackHPC)

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