[TripleO] Timeout while introspecting Overcloud Node

Anirudh Gupta anyrude10 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 13:24:35 UTC 2021

Hi Team,

We were trying to provision Overcloud Nodes using the Tripleo wallaby
For this, on Undercloud machine (Centos 8.4), we downloaded the
ironic-python and overcloud images from the following link:


After untarring, we executed the command

*openstack overcloud image upload*

This command setted the images at path /var/lib/ironic/images folder

Then we uploaded our instackenv.json file and executed the command

*openstack overcloud node introspect --all-manageable*

On the overcloud node, we are getting the Timeout error while getting the
agent.kernel and agent.ramdisk image.

<> timed out
(http://ipxe.org/4c0a6092 <http://ipxe.org/4c0a6092>)*
<> timed out
(http://ipxe.org/4c0a6092 <http://ipxe.org/4c0a6092>)*

However, from another test machine, when I tried *wget
<>* - It successfully worked

Screenshot is attached for the reference

Can someone please help in resolving this issue.

Anirudh Gupta
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