[kolla] skipping base if already exist

Sam Morrison sorrison at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 05:23:40 UTC 2021


We’ve started to use kolla to build container images and trying to figure out if I’m doing it wrong it it’s just not how kolla works.

What I’m trying to do it not rebuild the base and openstack-base images when we build an image for a project.


We build a horizon image and it builds and pushes up to our registry the following

kolla/ubuntu-source-base <>

Now I can rebuild this without having to again build the base images with

—skip parents

But now I want to build a barbican image and I can’t use skip-parents as the barbican image also requires barbican-base. Which means I need to go and rebuild the ubuntu base and Openstack base images again.

Is there a way to essentially skip parents but only if they don’t exist in the registry already? Or make skip-parents only mean skip base and Openstack-base?

Thanks in advance,

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