[wallaby][ovn][Open vSwitch] HA for OVN DB servers using pacemaker

Faisal Sheikh faisalsheikh073 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 12:37:29 UTC 2021


I am using Openstack Wallaby release with OVN on Ubuntu 20.04.
My environment consists of 2 compute nodes and 1 controller node.
ovs-vswitchd (Open vSwitch) 2.15.0
Ubuntu Kernel Version: 5.4.0-88-generic
compute node1
compute node2
controller/Network node/Primary ovs-db IP
backup ovs-db

I added another node for backup ovs-db server ( ) and
installed openvswitch-ovn and networking-ovn packages on it for
backup ovs-db server and using Pacemaker to manage the
ovn-northd(Open vSwitch) service between primary and backup
ovs-db server active/passive HA mode. Pacemaker cluster is
successful and after creating a pacemaker cluster, I am using
the following commands to create one active and one backup
server for OVN databases.

$ pcs resource create ovndb_servers ocf:ovn:ovndb-servers \
     master_ip= \
     ovn_ctl=<path of the ovn-ctl script> \
     op monitor interval="10s" \
     op monitor role=Master interval="15s"

But i am getting below error:

Error: Agent 'ocf:ovn:ovndb-servers' is not installed or does not provide
valid metadata: Metadata query for ocf:ovn:ovndb-servers failed:
Input/output error, use --force to override

I would really appreciate any input in this regard.

Best regards,
Faisal Sheikh
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