[neutron]Some floating IPs inaccessible after restart of L3 agent

Michal Arbet michal.arbet at ultimum.io
Mon Nov 29 09:20:00 UTC 2021

Ahoj Kamil,

I've just read email on phone quickly, and I remember that I've fixed
something similar in Debian Victoria packages. Maybe it's your issue, but
can't check right now.

Could you check it ? It's fixed in newer versions of neutron.


Michal Arbet (kevko)

Dňa pi 26. 11. 2021, 10:53 Kamil Madáč <kamil.madac at slovenskoit.sk>

> Hello Everyone,
> We have openstack Victoria deployed since the beginning of the year with
> kolla/ansible in docker containers. Everything was running OK, but few
> weeks ago we noticed issues with networking. Our installation uses
> Openvswitch networking with DVR non HA routers.
> Everything is running smoothly until we restart L3 agent. After that, some
> floating ips of VMs running on the node where L3 agent is running becomes
> inaccessible. Workaround is to reassign floating IP to affected VM. Every
> restart affects same floating IPs and VMs.
> No errors/excpetions found in logs.
> I was able to find out that after restart there are missing routes for
> those particular floating IPs in fip- namespace, which causes that proxy
> arp responses are not working. After floating IP address is reassigned,
> routes are added by L3 agent and floating IP is working again.
> Looks like some sort of race condition in L3 agent, but I was not able to
> identify any possible existing bug.
> L3 agent is in version 17.0.1.dev44.
> Is anyone aware of any existing bug which could explain such behavior, or
> does anyone have idea how to solve the issue?
> Kamil Madáč
> *Slovensko IT a.s.*
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