[neutron] default QOS on L3 gateway

Damien Rannou damien.rannou at ovhcloud.com
Tue Nov 23 10:53:53 UTC 2021

Yes exactly
Just On point that I’m not sure: what append if the client ask for a router update with —no-qos option ?
Will it remove the QOS completely or just re apply the default value ?


Le 22 nov. 2021 à 18:45, Lajos Katona <katonalala at gmail.com<mailto:katonalala at gmail.com>> a écrit :

There is an RFE to inherit network QoS:
The patch series: https://review.opendev.org/q/topic:%22bug%252F1950454%22+(status:open%20OR%20status:merged)

Hope this covers your usecase.

Lajos Katona (lajoskatona)

Damien Rannou <damien.rannou at ovhcloud.com<mailto:damien.rannou at ovhcloud.com>> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. nov. 22., H, 17:23):
We are currently playing with QOS on L3 agent, mostly for SNAT, but it can apply also on FIP.
Everything is working properly, but I’m wondering if there is a way to define a « default » QOS that would be applied on Router creation,
but also when the user is setting « no_qos » on his router.

On a public cloud environnement, we cannot let the customers without any QOS limitation.

Thanks !

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