[kolla] Plan to deprecate binary and unify on single distrubition

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Fri Nov 19 15:24:35 UTC 2021

W dniu 18.11.2021 o 16:04, Sean Mooney pisze:

> one last tought is that if only one disto will be supproted for
> building images in the future with only soruce installs supproted, it
> might be worth considering if alpine or the alpine/debian-lite python
> 3 iamge  should be revaluated as the base for an even lighter set of
> contianers rather then the base os image.

Using one distribution which covers all images makes life simple in Kolla.

Alpine may not cover all our needs as some software still requires 
things present in glibc, missing in musl libc.

And while openstack-base image probably could be built using one of 
python lite containers there are images derived from it which install 
additional distro packages. So instead of taking packages from one 
distribution (Debian) we would take from Debian or Alpine. Which could 
get out of sync too easily.

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