[kolla-ansible][wallaby][glance] Problem with image list after reconfigure

Ignazio Cassano ignaziocassano at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 19:34:39 UTC 2021

I did not understand  very well how your infrastructure is done.
Generally speaking, I prefer to have 3 controllers , n computer nodes and
external storage.
I think using iscsi images must be downloaded and  converted from qcow2 to
raw format and it can takes a long time. In this case I used image cache.
Probably when you create a volume from image you can see a download phase.
If you use image cache the download is executed only the first time a
volume from that image is created.
Sorry for my bad english.
Take a look at

Il Gio 18 Nov 2021, 19:58 Franck VEDEL <franck.vedel at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr>
ha scritto:

> ok ... I got it ... and I think I was doing things wrong.
> Okay, so I have another question.
> My cinder storage is on an iscsi bay.
> I have 3 servers, S1, S2, S2.
> Compute is on S1, S2, S3.
> Controller is on S1 and S2.
> Storage is on S3.
> I have Glance on S1. Building an instance from an image is too long, so
> you have to make a volume first.
> If I put the images on the iSCSI bay, I mount a directory in the S1 file
> system, will the images build faster? Much faster ?
> Is this a good idea or not?
> Thank you again for your help and your experience
> Franck
> Le 18 nov. 2021 à 07:23, Ignazio Cassano <ignaziocassano at gmail.com> a
> écrit :
> Hello, i solved using the following variabile in globals.yml:
> glance_file_datadir_volume=somedir
> and glance_backend_file="yes'
> So if the somedir is a nfs mount point, controllers can share images.
> Remember you have to deploy glance on all controllers.
> Ignazio
> Il Mer 17 Nov 2021, 23:17 Franck VEDEL <
> franck.vedel at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr> ha scritto:
>> Hello and thank you for the help.
>> I was able to move forward on my problem, without finding a satisfactory
>> solution.
>> Normally, I have 2 servers with the role [glance] but I noticed that all
>> my images were on the first server (in / var / lib / docker / volumes /
>> glance / _data / images) before the reconfigure, none on the second. But
>> since the reconfiguration, the images are placed on the second, and no
>> longer on the first. I do not understand why. I haven't changed anything to
>> the multinode file.
>> so, to get out of this situation quickly as I need this openstack for the
>> students, I modified the multinode file and put only one server in [glance]
>> (I put server 1, the one that had the images before reconfigure), I did a
>> reconfigure -t glance and now I have my images usable for instances.
>> I don't understand what happened. There is something wrong.
>> Is it normal that after updating the certificates, all instances are
>> turned off?
>> thanks again
>> Franck
>> Le 17 nov. 2021 à 21:11, Cyril Roelandt <cyril at redhat.com> a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> On 2021-11-17 08:59, Franck VEDEL wrote:
>> Hello everyone
>> I have a strange problem and I haven't found the solution yet.
>> Following a certificate update I had to do a "kolla-ansible -t multinode
>> reconfigure ».
>> Well, after several attempts (it is not easy to use certificates with
>> Kolla-ansible, and from my advice, not documented enough for beginners), I
>> have my new functional certificates. Perfect ... well almost.
>> I am trying to create a new instance to check general operation. ERROR.
>> Okay, I look in the logs and I see that Cinder is having problems
>> creating volumes with an error that I never had ("TypeError: 'NoneType'
>> object is not iterable).
>> We'd like to see the logs as well, especially the stacktrace.
>> I dig and then I wonder if it is not the Glance images which cannot be
>> used, while they are present (openstack image list is OK).
>> I create an empty volume: it works.
>> I am creating a volume from an image: Failed.
>> What commands are you running? What's the output? What's in the logs?
>> However, I have my list of ten images in glance.
>> I create a new image and create a volume with this new image: it works.
>> I create an instance with this new image: OK.
>> What is the problem ? The images present before the "reconfigure" are
>> listed, visible in horizon for example, but unusable.
>> Is there a way to fix this, or do we have to reinstall them all?
>> What's your configuration? What version of OpenStack are you running?
>> Cyril
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