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Hi everyone,

This week’s OpenInfra Live episode is brought to you by the OpenStack Community. 

The 2021 User Survey shows that the footprint of OpenStack clouds grew by 66% over the last year, totaling over 25 million cores in production. This increase has been contributed by organizations of all sizes around the world. During this episode of OpenInfra Live, we are going to talk to operators from Kakao, LINE, Schwarz IT, NeCTAR and T-Systems about what’s causing this OpenStack growth at their organization.  

Episode: OpenStack Is Alive: Explosive Growth Among Production Deployments

Date and time: November 11 at 9am CT (1500 UTC)

You can watch us live on:
YouTube: <> 
LinkedIn: <> 
Facebook: <> 
WeChat: recording will be posted on OpenStack WeChat after the live stream

Paul Coddington (ARDC Nectar) 
Reedip Banerjee (LINE) 
Yushiro Furukawa (LINE) 
Andrew Kong (Kakao) 
Nils Magnus (T-Systems) 
Adrian Seiffert (Schwarz) 
Marvin Titus (Schwarz) 
Carmel Walsh (ARDC Nectar)

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