[TripleO] Core team cleanup

James Slagle james.slagle at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 16:52:35 UTC 2021

Hello, I took a look at our core team, "tripleo-core" in gerrit. We have a
few individuals who I feel have moved on from TripleO in their focus. I
looked at the reviews from stackalytics.io for the last 180 days[1].

These individuals have less than 6 reviews, which is about 1 review a month:
Bob Fournier
Dan Sneddon
Dmitry Tantsur
Jiří Stránský
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles
Marius Cornea

These individuals have publicly expressed that they are moving on from
Michele Baldessari
wes hayutin

I'd like to propose we remove these folks from our core team, while
thanking them for their contributions. I'll also note that I'd still value
+1/-1 from these folks with a lot of significance, and encourage them to
review their areas of expertise!

If anyone on the list plans to start reviewing in TripleO again, then I
also think we can postpone the removal for the time being and re-evaluate
later. Please let me know if that's the case.

Please reply and let me know any agreements or concerns with this change.

Thank you!


-- James Slagle
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