Accessing Openstack using v3 API

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Tue Nov 2 14:01:37 UTC 2021

On 2021-11-02 19:13:37 +0530 (+0530), open infra wrote:
> I was trying to use the openstack environment using the v3 client
> API as mentioned in [2] documentation but ended up with an error
> as mentioned in [1].
> I can access the same environment v3 API using curl. Am I missing
> something?

While I'm not sure what the cause of the HTTP Unauthorized exception
might be (perhaps turning on debugging options might help narrow it
down?), I suspect you may have an easier time developing against the
unified OpenStackSDK rather than the individual per-service client
libraries. For some simple examples of configuring and connecting,
see the Getting Started chapter:

Hope that helps!
Jeremy Stanley
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