[Openstack-victoria] [Openstack-queens] migration of VM from openstack queens to victoria

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I’d like to experiment with migrating VMs between clusters. Where can I find a document that describes the procedure?

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I have 2 openstack setups

Setup1. Openstack queens + ceph nautilaus

Setup2. Openstack victoria + ceph octopus

So, I am trying to migrate some VM's (windows and linux) from Setup1 to Setup2.

For migrating the VM's i am using rbd export on setup1 and then rbd import on setup2.

I have successfully migrated 21 VM's.

i am now facing an issue in the 22nd vm which, after migrating the VM the vm is stuck in the windows logo screen and not moving forward, and i can't seem to understand how to approach it.

Attached the instance.xml files of both queens and victoria setup's of the same VM.

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Swogat pradhan

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