Adjutant needs contributors (and a PTL) to survive!

Braden, Albert abraden at
Mon Nov 1 16:35:50 UTC 2021

Hi Adrian,

I don't think I'm qualified to be PTL but I'm willing to help, and I've asked for permission. We aren't using Adjutant at this time because we're on Train and I learned at my last contract that running Adjutant on Train is a hassle, but I hope to start using it after we get to Ussuri. Has anyone else volunteered?

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Hello fellow OpenStackers!

I'm moving on to a different opportunity and my new role will not
involve OpenStack, and there sadly isn't anyone at Catalystcloud who
will be able to take over project responsibilities for Adjutant any time
soon (not that I've been very onto it lately). As such Adjutant needs
people to take over, and lead it going forward.

I believe the codebase is in a reasonably good position for others to
pick up, and I plan to go through and document a few more of my ideas
for where it should go in storyboard so some of those plans exist
somewhere should people want to pick up from where I left off before
going fairly silent upstream. Plus if people want/need to they can reach
out to me or add me to code review and chances are I'll comment/review
because I do care about the project. Or I may contract some time to it.

There are a few clouds running Adjutant, and people who have previously
expressed interest in using it, so if you still are, the project isn't
in a bad place at all. The code is stable, and the last few major
refactors have cleaned up much of my biggest pain points with it.

Best of luck!
- adriant

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